Year 5 Visit Bushcraft at Cuffley

Year 5 enjoyed 4 action packed days at Bushcraft at Cuffley. We navigated our way through the woods and trekked over to the climbing wall. Many of us were able to quickly scale the wall. Some of us were especially brave and faced our fears – challenging ourselves to have a go! We took part in problem solving activities, where we divided in half and worked as a team to help each other through various obstacles. We enjoyed sitting round the campfire roasting tasty marshmallows. We explored the grounds of Cuffley while balancing on ropes and orienteering while blindfolded. Participating in archery and buggy building challenges. On our final day we skillfully climbed the ‘Gladiator Challenge’ before playing a fun and competitive game of archery tag using all the skills, we had learned the previous day during practice. All too soon, it came to an end. We gratefully thanked our camp leaders for a wonderful time before heading back to school. We hope our teachers enjoyed the trip as much as we did!


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