Inspection Reports

Excellent in all areas

Breaside are delighted to announce that we have achieved ‘EXCELLENT’ in all areas, following our recent ISI Inspection. A double “Excellent” is the highest possible outcome for a school during an Educational Quality Inspection. Inspectors stated that the school was:

  • Excellent, both for the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements, and

  • Excellent, for the quality of pupils’ personal development

Report highlights:

  • “Achievement of the pupils is excellent”

  • “Pupils of all abilities make excellent progress”

  • “EYFS children make excellent progress and have advanced vocabularies”

  • “Majority exceed the expected level of development for their age in relation to the national average”

  • “Pupils’ literacy skills are well-developed, they are articulate and confident communicators”

  • “Pupils achieve excellent results in music including scholarships to senior schools and success in exams”

  • “Pupils’ attitudes and commitment towards their own learning are outstanding”

  • "Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to study"

Proud of our school

We are particularly delighted that an external, independent body has not only recognised the excellent school that we are, but also that that they have captured the essence of who we are. Highlighting how we build in our pupils the confidence and strength of character to become the ‘changemakers of tomorrow’s world’.

It is especially heartwarming to read within this report, that our pupils are seen to, ‘look after each other and demonstrate very high levels of care and friendship.’ That our pupils are ‘proud of their school and speak eagerly of their ambitions for the future.’

Please click the link below to download and read the whole report for yourself or read a selection of its highlights below.

Our latest inspection

In light of our new Widmore Road site, the ISI carried out an interim inspection in July 2023 and passed all standards across the board. We are delighted and looking forward to the official inspection.

I love every single part of my child's school experience!

– Reception Parent, Breaside Prep

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December 2017 ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

“The school aims to foster a caring atmosphere in which pupils and teachers are aware of and sympathetic to the needs of others. It seeks to encourage every pupil to achieve their very best and be become responsible individuals who can work together co-operatively and with respect for their peers.”

“The school offers all pupils a range of enrichment and extension tasks in lessons and in extra-curricular activities.”

“The standards relating to the quality of education at Breaside are met.”

“The standards relating to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are met.”

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