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Excellent all year round facilities

Both of our Breaside schools, in Orchard Road and Widmore Road, are ideally located in Bromley near local train stations and bus routes. Our schools boast a wonderful variety of outdoor facilities that greatly enrich the learning experience of our pupils. These versatile all weather surfaces provide a safe and secure environment surrounded by trees and green spaces.

What makes these spaces truly exceptional is their year-round usability, ensuring that our students can enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities regardless of the season. These fantastic outdoor spaces not only encourage physical development but also foster a deep appreciation for the great outdoors in our young learners.

Breaside Widmore Road

Breaside Preparatory School at Widmore Road

In September 2023 we were thrilled to open Breaside at Widmore Road within a short walk from our Orchard Road school. This long-awaited project expands our capacity for new Breaside families and friends.

Our Widmore Road site allows us to grow our school from Pre-Prep to Year 6. Led by Executive Principal Mrs Nicholson, Breaside @ Widmore Road offers the same dynamic learning environment and holistic educational approach as Breaside @ Orchard Road.

This marks an exciting chapter for Breaside as we foster the same family values at Breaside @ Widmore Road. Notable enhancements have been made to Early Years classrooms, play areas, and expansive outdoor learning spaces, including a Forest School, a new coach house which accommodates a brand new kitchen and new hall.

Facilities at-a-glance:


Facilities that inspire excellence

At Breaside Preparatory School, your child's educational journey is enriched by our outstanding facilities. Our science and technology labs inspire curiosity and hands-on exploration. Our dedicated Art & DT/Cookery room gives many opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.

Our spacious, well-lit classrooms extend beyond expectations. Additionally, our immersive forest school and outdoor classroom offer engaging, interactive learning experiences for all our pupils.

Join us for a Personal Tour

We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

Diligent and attentive teachers, first class care for students and excellent facilities.

– Year 2 Parent, Breaside


Sport and physical wellbeing

We take immense pride in our sports and outdoor facilities, fostering physical well-being and teamwork. Breaside is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including spacious playing fields and a well-maintained cricket pitch provided by Bromley Cricket Club is a short walk away. Swimming lessons are provided for children in Pre-Prep through to Year 6 and take place at two local pools at Eltham College and Downham Leisure Centre. These resources provide our students with opportunities to excel in a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

What sets Breaside apart is our strong collaboration with local clubs and the community. We partner with experts to enhance coaching and training in cricket, swimming, and other sports. This enriching collaboration allows our students to benefit from a broader range of experiences, improving their skills and promoting a sense of community involvement.

Facility Highlights

As well as our on-site facilities, including our Forest School, we have the benefit of using some professional sporting locations, such as Bromley Cricket Club, Eltham College and Downham Leisure Centre’s swimming pool.

Bromley Cricket Club

In addition to our onsite facilities we also work closely with the community and use the fantastic facilities at Bromley Cricket Club which is a very short walk from school. Weekly PE lessons for Years 3-6 take place here along with sports fixtures and our annual Sports Days.

Swimming Pools

We have the sole use of the fantastic swimming pools and facilities at both Eltham College and Downham Leisure Centre. Swimming lessons start with our children aged 3+ in Pre-Prep and continue all the way through to year 6.

Forest School

Breaside School is lucky enough to have it’s own on-site accredited Forest Schools at both Orchard Road and Widmore Road. Our Forest Schools offers an enriched outdoor experience in our wonderful, safe outside area.

Trim Trail

One of our children’s favourite areas here at school is our Trim Trail which again has a special soft surface which makes it safe and available for use all year round. Our Friends of Breaside donated all of the gym equipment and the children love to play here with their friends

Orchard Road

Breaside @ Orchard Road

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Breaside @ Widmore Road

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Breaside Preparatory School

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