If children are happy they are learning.


Breaside provides a rich learning environment for boys and girls. Our curriculum is designed to meet our objective of preparing children for senior schools. In addition, we attach great importance to providing all children with a balanced and broadly based education, from their first days in Kindergarten through to the age of 11.

French is taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 and an annual trip to France in Year 6 gives our children the opportunity to practice the language skills that they have learned. Spanish club is also on offer and as a school we are very aware of the future needs of our children in the global economy which we live.

The Infant School

Our children enter the Infant School in the Reception Classes where they continue with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Years 1 and 2 they continue to be taught mainly by their own form teacher but they are also taught by specialists in Science, Music, French, ICT, PE and Games. Each form teacher is directly responsible for the pastoral care and welfare of the children in their respective form. Within a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the children gradually become used to a more formal approach to education and emphasis is placed on the acquisition of the basic skills in numeracy and literacy. At the end of Year 2, all pupils currently sit the Key Stage 1 SATs as a matter of course and we are keen to monitor that and our curriculum is not driven by our testing.

Swimming is also a very important part of the curriculum at Breaside. Children from Reception to Year 6 are taken by our own Breaside Mini-bus to a local swimming pool and children are then encourage to take part in Swimming Galas when they are confident.

Specialist Teaching

At Breaside all children in the Junior Department are given the opportunity to be educated by our team of specialist teaching staff.

Science is taught by a specialist teacher in a dedicated, fully resourced classroom to pupils from Year 2 to Year 6. We have an interactive whiteboard and IT resources including a variety of computer simulations for teaching topics such as the Earth, Sun, Moon and Gases around us. We have a wide range of biological models, measuring and circuits equipment together with vibrant, colourful posters and textbooks.

French & Spanish are taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 and an annual trip to France in Year 6 gives our children the opportunity to practise the language skills that they have learnt. Spanish club is also on offer and as a school we are very aware of the future needs of our children in the global economy in which we live.

Art/Design Technology/Food Technology – All Breaside children participate in art, design technology and craft activities where they can develop their powers of observation,  technical skill, presentation and individual creativity. As part of their curriculum food technology is now also included, and in addition there are cookery clubs for both Infants and Juniors.

Sport –  Both boys and girls have a full sporting program at Breaside, we encourage healthy competition in PE and Sports, offering fixtures with other schools, swimming galas and the teaching and practising of skills in lessons. We consider sport to be an integral part of education and development. A calendar is published at the start of each term which contains a full programme of matches and tournaments with other schools at many of the different age groups and levels of competition. In all areas of sport, a sense of fair play and team spirit are encouraged as well as a healthy desire to win fairly and to lose graciously.

Our Sports Days are held in the summer term to which all parents are invited. As well as making full use of our own facilities, the school also has use of Bromley Cricket Club which is local and used for lessons, this is where our home fixtures for football, cricket and rugby are played against other schools.

ICT is taught from Reception through to Year 6. Many opportunities are provided for all of our children from photography, computerised toys, interactive whiteboards and of course our fully equipped ICT suite. Our Kindergarten is also fully equipped with its own interactive whiteboard, computers and electronic toys.

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