Cognita Active World Challenge

As part of our successful Global Be Well Day last week, we have been challenged by Cognita to take part in a competition between their schools all over the world to see which school can travel the furthest in four weeks. We are enlisting the support of students, staff and parents to log their activities – walking, running, swimming, cycling, essentially any form of physical activity – so that we can build a total of kilometres travelled.

We have decided on the ambitious target to travel from Breaside to one or our sister schools, Playpen ECJ, in Sao Paulo, Brazil which is almost 9,500 kilometres from Bromley! However, if we have the support of the entire school community, it is then very achievable.

We hope that you will be keen to take part in this project and help us travel the distance. Being active is one of the best ways for us all to maintain positive wellbeing! Each week we will send our kilometre contributions for the whole school to Cognita.

We shall be tracking Breaside’s progress and giving regular updates every week in assemblies and the Bulletin. We will also be celebrating the student and family who travel the furthest. Our four week challenge started on the 25th September as part of our Global Be Well Day and will run until Friday 23rd October.

Many thanks in advance for helping us to go to Brazil!

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