History, Ethos & Aims

History, Ethos & Aims

Our History


Breaside was founded in 1950 by Colonel Chater and the khaki connection continued when another military man called Major Hudson took over. At this point Breaside was an all boys school.


Between 1973 and 1990, the School was owned and run by the Armstead family and, when they retired, a group of parents took over.


Breaside needed investment, although it still enjoyed an excellent reputation locally. It was at this point that Asquith Court Schools acquired the School.


When a local school, Beresford Girls School, closed Breaside invited its first girls to join and the school became Co-Educational.


Asquith Court Schools were bought by Cognita Ltd, a new education company chaired by Sir Chris Woodhead, the first Chief Inspector of Schools. Cognita has 85 schools in its portfolio and is the largest independent schools provider in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Our Ethos

Breaside has a character all of its own – a real ‘buzz’ around the building, from our youngest children in the Early Years all the way up to our Year 6 children preparing for the next steps in their journey. It is this buzz that captures the heart of Breaside, a truly unique place where importance is placed on celebrating the individual and the belief that all of our children can be anything that they want to be. Our school is a place where children are happy, confident and proud of their achievements, both inside and out of the classroom.

We take great pride in our long standing academic success and place high importance on inspiring a true love of learning that extends beyond our classrooms, through a wide range of learning opportunities. Fostering independence and resilience is key to our ethos, and empowering our children    by equipping them with the right balance of skills for the future ensures that they have the best start for their role in the global community.

Our Aims


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