Last week KGO, PPV and PPS set off to discover signs of Spring on our Spring Walk!  We wrapped up nice and warm, (putting on our own coats, scarves, hats and gloves) and set off for Widmore Green.   We safely crossed the road outside school and then started the walk down to Widmore Green.  We looked at the trees, bushes and flower beds on the way and looked for things that had changed over the seasons.  Some of the trees were starting to grow blossoms and we did find some flowers but we talked about that fact that due to the very cold winter we are having most of the trees and flowers are still asleep!  Eveyone took turns with offering ideas and suggestions about what they could see and talked about their own gardens and local area.
We arrived at Widmore Green and decided to warm ourselves up with a little explore of the park area to see if we had missed any signs of Spring and then designated ourselves “Park Testers” and tested all the equipment! During our walks we had the good fortune to sample most of the British weather in one day, sun, sleet, hail, wind and rain!
We got back into our pairs and groups, and started the trek back to school!  Our Teachers told us how proud they were of our excellent behaviour and how very grown up we all were!
Miss Vickers, Mrs Smith and Miss Owen

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