On Friday 25th September Breaside celebrated our second Global Be Well Day. Across the world, all Cognita schools spend a day away from their normal timetabled lessons and instead focus on their physical and mental wellbeing. The children had a wonderful day learning about mindfulness, the importance of sleep and the power of positivity towards themselves and others. We had fun being active on the playgrounds, we relaxed taking part in a variety of colouring and art activities, meditating, creating worry dolls and we all ate a very healthy and nutritious lunch. We also learned about the Cognita Active World Challenge and how we are trying to travel (virtually!) to Sao Paulo to visit one of our sister Cognita Schools. Let’s all try and get involved and get active!

As you can see from the photos we all had a wonderful day and learned a lot about how to maintain our wellbeing, a big thank you to all our teachers for making it such a special day!

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