Traditional values at our heart

Here at Breaside we have always been proud to deliver the highest standard of education to all our children and at the core of what we do is an unwavering focus on wellbeing and character. Whilst the past twelve months have certainly posed many challenges, never have we been prouder of the resilience, independence and creativeness shown by our children.

There has been a step change in the world of learning, undoubtedly accelerated by the pandemic, and a digital revolution is transforming our classrooms, bringing together technology and traditional methods like never before. The smooth transition between the classroom and online learning has become essential and a hybrid learning experience is unlocking endless opportunities for our students to develop the skills they will need beyond school.

In preparation for their digital future, we have developed a comprehensive digital learning programme for our students which integrates the most beneficial aspects of digital education into our high-quality provision. All students in Year 3 and above are equipped with their own personal learning device for use both at school and home, which enables not only a seamless switch between class based and virtual learning, but also allows our teachers to use technology in the best way possible to support personalised learning; from providing feedback through to developing peer-to-peer collaboration skills. Whilst they will not replace traditional classroom teaching, these devices have the power to enhance the outstanding teaching and learning at Breaside and both students and teachers are benefitting from the technology that supports our children’s learning.

The value that hybrid learning brings to Breaside is incalculable; it reimagines the way that our students learn, blending the best of traditional classroom methods with EdTech that enriches digital literacy, strengthening our fundamental tailored approach to learning. At Breaside, we are proud to be a forward-thinking school with traditional values at our heart.

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