The Breaside Buzz is Back!

Throughout 2020, and into 2021, Breaside has provided certainty, consistency, and structure at a time when all were hard to come by. Normality has once again resumed in the classroom, but a Breaside education is anything but ordinary. We have always been proud to provide the highest level of education to all our students, with a constant emphasis on wellbeing and character at the core of everything we do.  Add to this, a strong academic focus, a rich and varied curriculum, and a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities, it is easy to see how our school continues to thrive, even during the most challenging of times.

Our excellent Online Learning provision ensured that pupils received a continuous and uninterrupted education and this, coupled with the provision of the highest quality pastoral care, has led to a smooth and successful transition back into the classroom. The joy of seeing our happy, vibrant school full once again has been more than just a feeling as children have reconnected with each other, with their teachers and with their familiar surroundings.

Our Breaside children are the heart of our school; here they have a voice. They are the ones shaping how and what they learn, constantly setting their sights high and striving for excellence, and it is their achievements that are testament to our Breaside family. The strength in our school community has proven itself consistently throughout this year and it is clearer now than it has ever been just how this sense of family underpins our rich learning environment. Feedback from our recent parent survey has been nothing short of phenomenal and never have we been prouder of what we have achieved together.

“The efforts made by Breaside to ensure the ongoing support and education of the children throughout the last year has been exemplary.”

“In a time of change and instability the school has remained a constant for the children whether at home or at school – a bedrock when they needed it most.”

This year, in spite of all the challenges, our Breaside family has thrived. The Breaside buzz is well and truly back!

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