Is private school right for your family?


When it comes to choosing between a public or private school, deciding what school is best for your child has to be the primary focus. Many parents choose a private school, because of the unique experiences they can offer their child. However, whilst the benefits for your child may be clear, it’s also important to consider the impact on your family and the financial investment required.

We’ve picked out some of the key areas that parents should consider when deciding if private school is right for their family.



Location, Location, Location


No matter which school you are considering for your child – carefully consider the location and your travel arrangements. If your child is entering into a private nursery or primary school, make sure you have enough time to avoid rushing and stress or arriving late, which could impact on your child’s learning. Although it may seem small, factor in any additional travel costs that may arise.

Some private schools offer transport services from local areas, so if your child is making the journey themselves, ensure you are happy that it is the best way for them to reach the school safely and on time.


Financial investment


Sending your child to private school is a financial investment for their future so make sure your chosen school is transparent about costs. Take your time to evaluate and assess your finances. If you understand all of the costs involved, there won’t be any surprises or additional pressures on your family life.

No matter how good a private school is for your child, it should not put a burden on the family as a result. It’s important to determine how much your family can realistically afford to pay per year to send your child to private school.

At Breaside Prep School, all of our fees are presented clearly on our website, from the academic fees per year group to morning and after school clubs. We also offer a sibling discount scheme and through School Fee Plan there are flexible payment options.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us directly to discuss funding options.


Community environment


One aspect that differentiates many private schools from public schools is the community you join. When you enrol your child at a private school like Breaside, your family will also become part of that same network.

The supportive and nurturing environment at Breaside has a positive effect for our children and their families. It allows parents and other members of the family to connect with other children’s families, through various school events – such as parent-teacher meetings, parent breakfasts and more. Often families and their children make friends for life.

At Breaside Prep School, we are wholly dedicated to making sure that both the education and the experience that children get from our private school is paramount to their future success and one of the best experiences they will ever have.


If you’d like to find out more about Breaside and if it is the right private school for your family and your child, come along to one of open days, or book a private tour.

Alternatively, contact us today to speak to a member of our admissions team. 

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