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Year 5 English Programme


Year 5 follow the programme of study for Key Stage 2 National Curriculum English and take into account the recommendations set out in the National Literacy Strategy.  In addition, pupils are prepared for the requirements of Selective and Independent School entrance examinations.

The three National Curriculum Attainment Targets are:

  • A.T.1   -           Speaking and Listening
  • A.T.2   -           Reading
  • A.T.3   -           Writing

Speaking and Listening

Reading simple play scripts

Discussion of topics of general interest

Reports of class visits

Preparing a talk to the class (2 minutes)

Poetry reading

Recommending a book to the class

Role play/giving instructions/using persuasion

Debating different points of view



Class readers:

            Snaggletooth – Gene Kemp

            Facing the Demon Headmaster – Gillian Cross

            Flour Babies – Anne Fine

A range of fiction and non-fiction texts including myths and legends from other cultures

Folk tales

Narrative poetry

News reports


Books from the school library

Instructional writing – including Verbal Reasoning questions


Writing (for a variety of audiences) 

Writing in the first and third person

Giving instructions

Play scripts

News/sports reporting

Characterisation and setting

Recount genre

Redrafting exercises

Poetry writing

Myths and fairy tales

Communicating information

Writing an argument

Book reviews

Letter writing

Formal comprehension


Grammar exercises include noun, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions etc.  Dialogue, Imperatives and tenses of verbs, agreement of verbs, commas, apostrophes for contraction and possession etc.


Spelling and Handwriting

Spellings are set each week, usually taken from Violet Brand books and Schonell, as well as the recommendations of the National Literacy Strategy.

We continue to teach a comfortable, flowing, joined-up, legible style of handwriting.  Layout and presentation is reinforced.